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This Ultimate Numberless Word Problem Resource:

  • gives your students the ability to independently solve all types of word problems with the unknown in all positions.
  • gives your students confidence to tackle any word problem they encounter and become stellar problem solvers.
  • turns struggling learners into excited learners. 
  • melts away teacher frustration by increasing student engagement and success. 
  •  saves you an enormous amount of time as these standards-based lessons are ready to grab and go.

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What Our Customers are Saying

"I love, love, love this! It gets students thinking about what the problems are telling them and what they are not. My students are thinking rather than writing the first 2 numbers they see and adding them together." - Harmony W.

"These are A-mazing!!  These have helped my students understand what information is needed to solve different types of problems and to think about what they are solving for. The process used to think about a problem encouraged my students to engage in productive student discourse about math."

-Catherine G.  

"This is absolutely the best approach to teach problem solving I've ever seen."

-Sheri F.

"I just loved using this product this year with my students. I particularly love how student friendly it is. I believe this teaching strategy is one of the best ones for teaching problem solving. Your product made it very easy to use the strategy in my classroom!

-Zoila C


Do you ever feel frustrated as you watch your students struggle to solve word problems?

If so, this Numberless Word Problem resource is for YOU!  

It's for ALL first grade teachers who want their students to ROCK at solving word problems!

Let's take the mystery out of how to solve word problems and give students the tools they need to confidently tackle any type of word problem. 


Step 1: Display and read the numberless word problem a couple of times. Give students time to independently process what the problem is about. No numbers are revealed at this time. 

Step 2: Have students think about what the question is asking and what information they need in order to solve the problem. Have them partner share, then share aloud with the class. 

Step 3: Reveal one piece of information. Write that number where it belongs on the word problem. Ask students if they can now solve the problem. If not, ask them what other information they need to solve the problem. 

Step 4: Reveal the last piece of information and have students solve the problem independently, then partner share their answer and how they figured it out. Call on a few to share aloud. Record. 

Step 5: Give students a similar problem to solve independently. There are two options that go with each whole group Numberless Word Problem lesson. One has numbers already in the problem, the other does not so you can put numbers in for easy differentiation. 

Get instant access to our Yearlong numberless word problem program now!

Inside you'll find 176 opportunities for your first graders to solve all types of addition and subtraction word problems with the unknown in ALL positions.  

These no prep activities are ready to go.  Just grab a word problem each day and watch as your students begin to transform into ROCK STAR problem solvers!

Our Journey from Word Problem Frustration to Discovering What REALLY Works

Once upon a time, we thought we were doing the BEST thing possible in terms of teaching our students how to solve math word problems.  

We taught them strategies to use such as underlining the question, circling important information, and looking for key words.  The problem was this did not consistently work.  Many students struggled to truly understand what the problem was asking. 

Then one AMAZING day we learned about numberless word problems.  At first we were confused.  Numberless word problems?  That makes NO sense.  Then, as we investigated further, we knew this was a brilliant strategy and couldn't wait to try it with our own students. 

As we began initially removing numbers from word problems and concentrating on what, exactly, the problem was about, our world, and our students' world, changed drastically.  

When given word problems (with numbers), students were no longer willy-nilly grabbing numbers and doing something with those numbers.  Instead, they were focused on what the problem was about and they accurately used those numbers to solve the problem at hand.  

To make our lives easier, we created this product. That way we didn't need to think of a word problem each day, it was already done.  Instead, we could focus on teaching our students to understand word problems and become ROCK STAR word problem solvers. 



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much time do you spend on Numberless Word Problems?  

We spend about 5 - 10 minutes on the numberless portion of the activity and then another 5 minutes once numbers are introduced.  

How are the numbers revealed after you process a Numberless Word Problem?

On the digital version, you just click on the boxes that are covering up the numbers and the numbers are revealed. On the printable version, you just cover up the numbers, process the problem, then reveal the numbers. 

What problem types are included?

Join, separate, compare, and part-part whole with the unknown in ALL positions.  

This Numberless word problem resource features:

176 engaging Word Problems to give students LOTS of problem solving practice  

  • 88 begin in a numberless fashion to focus students' attention on the problem at hand
  • 88 are numbered problems to give students independent practice

Easy to differentiate versions of each of the independent word problems (just fill in numbers on the blank lines to meet your students' individual needs)  

Activities for every word problem type (joining, separating, part-part-whole, and comparing) 

A Math Word Problem Types poster for you to refer to 

Step-by-Step procedures to walk you through the numberless word problem solving process

11 colorful posters of each problem type 

Digital and Printable versions provided to meet your particular needs


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