Brag Tag Holder - My Pocket Of Brag Tags

Primary Bliss


Do you love brag tags for behavior management but are looking for an easy to manage place for students to store them in? If so, My Pocket of Brag Tags may be just what you are looking for to help!

After being overwhelmed with hole punching, necklace fastening, and even brag tags scattered on the floor, we designed this pocket to help make brag tag management easier. It's a breeze! Just have students decorate their pockets and hang them on a wall or desk. When they receive a brag tag (not included in this product), they put it in their special pocket and that's it! So, so simple!

This product, My Pocket of Brag Tags, includes: 5 options for the front of pocket, including a variety of girl and boy clip art and one draw yourself version, 5 options for the back of the pocket (an editable version is included for each), and 5 editable designs for the name flap.