Classroom Rules Behavior Awards And Pocket Holder Editable

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My Pocket of Cheers is an easy to manage, positive behavior incentive resource that will help you teach and reinforce classroom rules.

Throughout the year, students receive cheer cards for following classroom rules. There are 13 cheer cards that are related to common classroom rules (e.g., being a good listener, following directions, being respectful, working hard). Each cheer card comes in a pre-made and an editable version.

They also come in a black & white and a colored version. There are 2 All-in-One cheer cards that list all four classroom rules. You may choose to use it after all rules have been taught and practiced. All you do is grab a card and put a check beside the rule being followed.

Students decorate and hang up an adorable pocket to store their cheer cards in. The front of the pocket has specific classroom rules written on it. There are two pre-made versions of the pocket and an EDITABLE version that your rules can easily be typed into. The name box is editable or you can have students write their own names on a blank version.

 We have found that celebrating accomplishments with a weekly or monthly drawing can be very powerful, so we've included 8 individual reward cards and 12 class reward cards. You may choose to post the reward card chosen for the week/month so students know what they are working toward.