Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle

Primary Bliss


This burlap and chalkboard Classroom Farmhouse Style Décor bundle will provide you with all of your classroom decoration needs. 

Included in this product are:

Desk Nametags (includes editable version)

Pencil Labels (sharp / not sharp)

Circle Alphabet Labels (use as Word Wall headers)

40 Table Group Labels

300 Fry Sight Word Cards (includes editable version)

Number Card Posters (numbers 0 – 20, two versions)

Animal Alphabet Posters (2 versions for “x”)

42 Schedule Cards (includes editable version)

11 Color Posters (2 posters for gray/grey)

12 2D Shape Posters

10 3D Shape Posters

54 Book Bin Labels (includes editable version as well as large and small labels)

10 File Cabinet Labels (includes editable version)

Girls’ and Boys’ Bathroom Passes (2 sizes)

Office Pass (2 sizes)

Library Pass (2 sizes)

Nurse’s Pass (2 sizes)

Hall Pass (2 sizes)

12 Class Expectations/Rules Posters (includes editable version)

26 Alphabet Pennants

Classroom Jobs

Numbers to 42 (for those of you who give students numbers)

Months of the Year

Months of the Year Birthday Design

Thank you for considering this product! 

Primary Bliss