First Grade Geometry Talks

Primary Bliss


These first grade geometry math talk activities are common core aligned and are perfect for helping your first graders think critically about shapes. They are very effective, highly engaging, and remarkably easy to implement.

It includes 45 geometry talks which are short, open-ended exercises designed to get your students analyzing, comparing, and contrasting 2-D and 3-D shapes. They specifically support instruction involving shape attributes, composite shapes, and halves/quarters of circles and rectangles (CCSS 1.GA.1 1.GA.2; 1.GA.3).

It includes a DIGITAL version that requires ZERO PREP and a Printable Version that requires very minimal prep.

* 24 geometry talks targeting defining/non-defining attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes
* 16 geometry talks targeting composite shapes (both 2-D and 3-D)
* 5 geometry talks targeting halves and quarter of circles and rectangles
* Shape Reference Posters (set of 20; size 4.5 x 5.5)
* Silent Signal Posters
* Number Talk Response Posters

<strong>9 different activity types are included to maintain student interest and engagement</strong>
* Compare (6)
* Which One Doesn't Belong? (6)
* Tell Me! (5)
* Where Does It Go? (4)
* Which Could I Be? (3)
* Make It! (4)
* Is Paul Right? (4)
* How Many? (4)
* Shape Find (4)
* Equal Shares (5)

All you need to do is copy the materials (or display them on your interactive whiteboard) and get your students engaged in talking and learning about shapes.

These geometry talks help students feel successful when learning about shapes. The multi-entry points of the exercises and the conversational nature of a "talk" support learners at all levels. The geometry talks help teachers because they can quickly grab one for a specific concept students need extra support with or are being introduced to.

<strong>OUR STORY</strong>
We love teaching geometry to our first graders because shapes truly excite them. However, one day we realized that we needed mini-lessons that will enable us to step up the mathematical thinking a notch or two. And that's when it struck us! If number talks are powerful in developing reasoning skills while students increase computational skills, then what about geometry talks? How about thoughtfully creating geometry prompts that are open-ended and have multiple possible answers? They would require students to process, apply, and talk about concepts they are learning. This excited us, so we got right to work and are happy to share the result...First Grade Geometry Talks.

.- First Grade Teachers
-Substitute Teachers
-Special Education Teachers
-Whole Group Math Instruction
-Small Group Math Instruction
-Math Intervention

<strong>How long do geometry talks take?</strong>
They should take between 5 and 10 minutes.

<strong>Do I have to print out number talk materials for each student each day?</strong>
NO! This is a whole group activity. Just display the number talk for everyone to see. If you are using the digital version on an interactive whiteboard there is NO printing needed. For the printable version, just print out one copy to display.

<strong>Are there directions explaining how to use the digital version? I'm unsure of how to write right on the slide.</strong>
Yes, there are detailed directions for using the digital version. You do not need anything special, just PowerPoint.

<strong>Is there a specific order I should teach the geometry talks in?</strong>
There is not a specific order to teach them in, however, they are arranged in an order typically seen in math programs (attributes of shapes, composite shapes, halves and fourths). Our recommendation is to select geometry talks based on the needs of your students.

<strong>Wishing you joyful engagement and rigor in your primary classroom. Happy Number Talking! Becky and Cindy at Primary Bliss Teaching