Highly Effective First Grade Sight Word Program (Yearlong Program)

Primary Bliss


This comprehensive 800 page sight word (high frequency word) program took several years to fully develop and is UNLIKE any other sight word program! Your students will have so much fun interacting with each other as they engage in a variety of fun and interactive games and activities. More importantly, they will be solidifying their knowledge of sight words as they do so! The BEST part is that there is little prep. In fact, after the first year, you just print the activities and go.

You will receive an entire year of systematic, easy to implement daily activities. Your students will learn sight words AND apply them in real reading experiences. The program is very organized, systematic, and highly engaging! We have had amazing results with it!

Each week, your students will learn sight words in fun and engaging ways. At the end of each week students will read engaging stories that enable them to use the sight words in context, while also comprehending and responding to the text. To keep early finishers engaged, there is an extra time activity each day.

We promise that this over 800 page resource is one you will use in your first grade classroom year after year. We have and have absolutely loved it.