Growth Mindset Posters (Train Wall Poster Set)

Primary Bliss


This adorable Growth Mindset wall poster set is perfect for introducing and reminding students of what it means to have a growth mindset - and it's such a cute addition to your classroom decor.

There are 7 color options of the train (wood, burlap, blue, green, yellow, red, pink). Either select one color of train to display or mix and match for a more colorful look.

Each poster set contains an engine, 12 growth mindset train cars and a caboose. Each train car identifies a key vocabulary term for growth mindset and includes a short description of what it means.

All you need to do is print in color on white cardstock, laminate, cut out and display across a wall.

We also offer an engaging PowerPoint Slide Show called, "Your Train of Thought Matters," and a student activity packet that are the PERFECT companions to the Growth Mindset Train Poster. 

If interested in all three growth mindset products we offer a BUNDLE at a discounted price.

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