Number Talks - Making Ten Strategy Focus within 20 (Digital & Printable)

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These Number Talks are designed to support the strategy MAKING TEN to add within 20. They also promote higher level mathematical thinking by providing students with the opportunity to solve problems using multiple strategies and, for some problems, find more than one possible answer. They specifically support the common core standard 1.OA.C.6.

With this product you will get 43 digital (and printable)  number talks and two poster sets.
* 13 number talks targeting Combinations of 10
* 30 number talks targeting Making Ten to add sums within 20
* Silent Signal Posters
* Number Talk Response Posters

11 different activity types are included to maintain student interest and engagement.
* How Many? (12)
* What's the Weight? (6)
* Make It True (7)
* Figure It Out (5)
* Make a 10... or not? (5)
* True Equation (2)
* What's the Equation? (1)
* Add 'Em Up (2)
* Target Practice (1)
* Make 10 (1)
* I Spy (1)

All you need to do is copy the materials (or display them on your interactive whiteboard) and get your students engaged in amazing mathematical student-to-student interaction! Our students have LOVED this daily routine, and math has become a favorite part of their day.

These Number Talks will get your students engaged in mathematical conversations that will help them solidify their understanding and application of making a ten to add sums within 20.

A few years ago we were asked to implement number talks in our daily math instruction. After engaging our students in a few of these activities, we were hooked. One of our goals then became to create standard specific number talks. We needed to be able to grab number talks that addressed specific math standards we were working on in our math program (such as Making a Ten to increase computational fluency). As a result, this product and other target specific number talk products were created.

. -Busy First Grade Teachers
-Substitute Teachers
-Special Education Teachers
-Whole Group Math Instruction
-Small Group Math Instruction
-Math Intervention
-Kindergarten Teachers with Advanced Students
-Second Grade Teachers Whose Students Need Practice with Doubles Facts


How long do number talks take?
It is best if Number Talks are done daily for between 5 and 15 minutes.

Can these number talks be displayed on an interactive whiteboard?
Yes! In fact, a digital version is included that allows you to write right on the slide using PowerPoint (directions, if needed, are included).

Do I have to print out number talk materials for each student each day?
NO! This is a whole group activity. Just display the number talk for everyone to see. We have included both a printable version and a DIGITAL version.

Wishing you joyful engagement and rigor in your primary classroom. Happy Number Talking! Becky and Cindy at Primary Bliss Teaching

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