Numberless & Numbered Word Problems (story problems within 20)

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It's here! An  AMAZING strategy to help your students understand and solve addition and subtraction story problems within 20.

Numberless word problems require students to process what the problem is and what is needed to solve it. Students will no longer absentmindedly add or subtract numbers they see, because there aren't any numbers there - at first, anyway.

You may be thinking, "How can a word problem be numberless?" Well, actually, it only begins that way. After students THINK about and PROCESS the problem, they are presented with snippets of needed information, a little at a time. By presenting a word problem in a numberless manner first, students are truly focusing on what the problem is asking. 

For example:
There were students on the bus.
More students got on the bus.
How many more students got on the bus?

When you present a math problem like this to students, they truly have to process what it is they need to know in order to answer the question.  They have to THINK! Then, when needed information is revealed, they get excited and apply it to their problem solving process. The mathematical thinking that happens is amazing!

Student engagement and motivation is at its highest. We can't tell you how much this strategy has helped our students gain an understanding of word problems. We truly believe it will greatly benefit your students too!

This resource includes:

* 176 Word problems
     (88 Numberless problems to be processed with teacher facilitating)
     (88 Independent practice numbered word problems for students to solve on          their own – each corresponds with a numberless word problem)
* For differentiation purposes, all 88 independent practice problems also come in      a version that allows the teacher to write numbers in
* Overview and procedure descriptions
* 4 Posters depicting the 11 types of word problems
* Handy page depicting all 11 Math Word Problem Types

How this resource is organized:

There are 11 sections of word problems.
Each section focuses on a specific word problem type and has 4 problems with numbers 1-10 and 4 problems with numbers 10-20.