Numberless & Numbered Word Problems (Story Problems within 100)

Primary Bliss


This product is specifically designed to help second graders understand and solve word problems within 100. It uses an AMAZING and effective strategy called, Numberless Word Problems.

Students will no longer absentmindedly add or subtract numbers they see, because there aren't any numbers there - at first, anyway.  With this strategy, a word problem is presented with all the numbers removed. For example: I saw some frogs on a log. Some hopped away. How many frogs are on the log now? Students must THINK about and PROCESS the problem. They are then given snippets of needed information, a little at a time, until the problem is solved.

By presenting a word problem in a numberless manner first, students are truly focusing on what the problem is asking. The mathematical thinking that happens is amazing and student motivation and engagement is at its highest!

About this product:

* Each of the 11 addition and subtraction word problem types are addressed (joining, separating, part-part-whole, comparing)

* This product not only comes with numberless problems to be processed in a whole group fashion, but also contains similar word problems with numbers included for students to solve on their own.

* There are varying skill levels addressed, including no-regrouping and regrouping of two-digit numbers, AND single and two-step problems.


This resource includes:

* 100 Numberless Word Problems to process whole group

* 100 Independent Numbered Word Problems for students to complete on their own

* 100 Differentiated Independent Word Problems within 20

* Overview and Procedure Descriptions

*4 Posters depicting the 11 types of word problems

* Handy Page depicting all 11 Math Word Problem Types __