Ruby Bridges Integrated Unit

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This unit about Ruby Bridges is great to teach during Black History month, or any time of the year. What's unique about this Ruby Bridges product? It is a HUGE time saver for busy teachers who are looking for intentional, focused, integrated units that address multiple standards in a meaningful way.

This unit thoughtfully and intentionally integrates social studies, reading (includes vocabulary building and background knowledge/schema building activities especially good for your ELL students), comprehension (focus lessons on Determining Importance), and writing.

Detailed day-by-day lesson plans have been written and all materials needed have been provided. We spend weeks planning these lessons so that you can get the most out of the limited time you have with your students, as well as the limited time you have for planning. Your students will love learning all about courageous Ruby Bridges through this interactive and engaging unit that brings this young girl's experiences to life.

With this unit you will receive-

-Detailed Daily Lesson Plans (HUGE Time Saver for you!) -Unit Overview (Entire Unit "At a Glance")

-To Do List (Get prepped so the unit runs smoothly)

- Pre Reading Activity (Build Schema)_- Colorful Discussion / Vocabulary Cards (Build Schema & Vocab.)

- Content Rich Poem (Build Schema & Vocab.)

- 14 page Interactive Book about Ruby Bridges (Content)

- Close Read (Rereading with PURPOSE)

- Determining Importance Comprehension Strategy Lessons

- Art Lesson (A little bit of FUN)

- Writing Lesson

We just know you and your students will enjoy going on this academic journey with Ruby Bridges.