Turkeys ~ Science, Reading, Writing, Craft Unit (Body Parts and Functions)

Primary Bliss


Your students will LOVE this unit on turkey body parts and functions. It is highly engaging and includes a final turkey box project to display learning.  Students are so excited to take their projects home to share with their families!

This unit has everything you need. It captivates students' attention using a read aloud with photographs, as well as a body part and function matching pre-reading activity.

This is followed by an informational booklet all about a turkey's body parts and their functions. There are questions on the last page that focus on author's purpose.

Students make a "turkey box" and label it with body part and function "peek and learn" cards. We fill each box with popcorn as an end of unit treat. Students LOVE it!

Students also enjoy writing about the most important thing about a turkey's body, following the format of Margaret Wise Brown's book, The Important Book.