Growth Mindset Bundle-PowerPoint Slide Show, Posters, Lessons & Activities (K-2)

Primary Bliss


This bundle provides everything you need to teach growth mindset to children in grades kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

It includes...
• Growth Mindset PowerPoint Slide Show called, "Your Train of Thought Matters." It gives an overview of what a growth mindset is and why it is important. Some interaction is built-in.

• Growth Mindset Train Poster that has a "My Train of Thought Matters" engine, 12 train cars with a key growth mindset vocabulary term and example on each, and a caboose. There are 7 colors to choose from.

• 20 Growth Mindset Student Activities with lessons that teach each of the growth mindset essential concepts. They are easy to prepare and implement. They also require no additional materials to be purchased. And, best of all, they set students up for SUCCESS and students LOVE them.

The key vocabulary/concepts addressed in all of the three bundled products are...

• Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset (3 activities)
• Potential (2 options of same activity for differentiation)
• Believe
• Goal (2 options of same activity for differentiation)
• Effort (2 options of same activity for differentiation)
• Perseverance
• Be Positive
• Mistakes
• Power of Yet
• Resilience (2 options of same activity for differentiation)
• Problem Solve (2 activities)
• Reflect (2 activities; 2 options of one of the activities for differentiation)

Also, a pre/post survey is included as an assessment tool.

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