Number Talks BUNDLE (K-5 Yearlong Programs) DIGITAL & Printable

Primary Bliss

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This HUGE bundle offers a YEARLONG Number Talks Program for each grade level K-5.

Each program is designed specifically for the targeted grade level and can save teachers TONS of time. We have thoughtfully created a variety of engaging activities to get your students talking about math as they develop essential mathematical thinking and computational skills. 

Each Number Talks program contains 9 units. Each unit addresses different Common Core Standards and gets progressively more challenging as students develop their mathematical skills. Additionally, the activities change from month to month so that students remain highly engaged. 

Each program contains a digital version that requires NO PREP. It also includes a printable version that contains 180 detailed lesson plans (these are GREAT for teachers new to number talks as well as subs) and the materials to go with them. All you need to do is copy the materials (or display them on your interactive whiteboard) and get your students engaged in amazing mathematical student-to-student interaction! 


Kindergarten: "I love, love, love this resource! It has made it so easy to incorporate number talks into my classroom daily! The students also love the activities and are completely engaged!" ~Megan

First Grade: "This has been the best thing I have EVER bought on TPT, hands down. This ensures my number talks are meaningful, interesting, and something that my kids look forward to each day."

Second Grade: "If I could give you more than an A on this resource, I would. These number talks have changed my classroom. We switched math series this year and my students and I were really struggling. These numbers talks have helped them share their ideas and solve efficiently and accurately. I love hearing how they articulate their thinking. AMAZING! I have recommended this to so many other teachers. Thank you!"

Third Grade: "If you have been wanting to do number talks and don't know where to start, this is the program for you! It is great to use whole group to start math, begin or end your day. Covers all the third grade concepts you would need. My students love, add em up, what's the difference, how many, prove it, and correct or not?. These are just some of the fun activities that are in the program. If you are hesitant - just do it! You won't be sorry." ~Molly

Fourth Grade: "So, so thankful I purchased this product! Not only is it super easy to implement, but it is LOVED by my students. The daily math conversations happening are awesome!" ~Heather

Fifth Grade: "This is literally the best set ever! I am obsessed with this product! I bought them with some school funds I was given in the middle of the year and we started right away! My students struggle with number sense really bad and these have helped so much with their mental and verbal questioning and understanding. Thank you!"


Number Talks will get your students engaged in mathematical conversations that will increase their ability to reason mathematically as well as develop their computational fluency skills and their ability to think flexibly about numbers. 


A few years ago we were asked to implement number talks in our daily math instruction. After engaging our students in a few of these activities, we were hooked. Our challenge then became to create a variety of problem types in order to keep students engaged and excited about number talks. And that is when these number talk programs were born. 


-Busy Teachers
-Substitute Teachers
-Special Education Teachers
-Whole Group Math Instruction
-Small Group Math Instruction
-Math Intervention 


How long do number talks take?
It is best if Number Talks are done daily for between 5 and 15 minutes.

Can these number talks be displayed on an interactive whiteboard?
Yes! A colorful, landscape version is included specifically for interactive whiteboards.

Do I have to print out number talk materials for each student each day?
NO! This is a whole group activity. Just display the number talk for everyone to see.

Do I need to teach the units in order?
We suggest you teach the number talks in order because they spiral and increase in difficulty. 

Wishing you joyful engagement and rigor in your primary classroom. Happy Number Talking! 

Becky and Cindy at Primary Bliss Teaching