Weather Unit for First and Second Grade

Primary Bliss


This amazing and comprehensive 13 day weather unit is jam packed with lesson plans, student story books, fun science experiments, engaging activities, crafts and real life photos.  This unit is perfect for teaching a complicated concept in a way that first and second graders can truly understand. 

With young learners in mind, we have crafted lessons and kid friendly experiments that teach beginning concepts of molecules, matter and the water cycle.  This helps young learners to truly begin to understand the phenomenon of weather.  We have also included lesson plans and student books that address the concepts of Rain, Wind and Seasons.   

This unit includes:

Adorable Pocket Book craft to hold all of materials for this unit

6 Student Books

18 Colorful Notice/Wonder Cards

Solid, Liquid and Gas vocabulary posters

2 Unique Poems

Pictorial Input Chart for The Water Cycle

6 colorful Observation Charts loaded with read photographs

11-page Teacher Read Aloud (to build background knowledge)

3 Science Experiments

Cloud Mobile Craft Project

The Water Cycle Crown Craft Project

A Daily Weather Log

2 “Act it Out” activities

Day by Day Unit Overview with Lesson Plans